ProMise – HRMIS

This module handles the life cycle of the staff members in an organisation. From recruitment of a staff member to Deployment, Time and attendance, Payroll, Benefits management, Assessment and Termination. Capacity development programs are also included. The module is linked with the online solicitation for jobs that are posted to the public once jobs are advertised.

Key benefits;

  1. Staff Acquisition

  2. Leave management

  3. Payroll Management

  4. Performance Management

  5. Staff Exit Management

  6. Document Repository

  7. Customized Reports

  8. Data import/export

  9. Email Alerts, Announcements and Events

  10. Dynamic workflow Engine

  11. Activity/Audit logs

  12. Multi-company, multi-branch & multi-country

  13. Smooth integration with existing systems

  14. Easy to use interface & Quick learning curve

  15. Provides centralized procedures

  16. Automates and streamlines HR procedures