Contracts Management

ProMise – Contracts Management

This module holds information on the consultants and their CV. The deliverables and milestones are also set in the system. Once the consultant delivers, the supervisor is able to download the report and review accordingly. This module also caters for Contract evaluation of consultants. The system generates a certificate of completion and a payment note once the evaluation is complete.

Key benefits;

  1. Contracts Creation and Authoring

  2. Contracts Collaboration and Negotiation

  3. Contracts Execution Module

  4. Contracts Administration Module

  5. Contracts Closeout/ Renewal and Analysis

  6. Smooth integration with existing systems

  7. Email notifications

  8. Comprehensive contract management support

  9. Centralized display of the all the client’s contracts

  10. Smooth integration with existing systems

  11. Easy data backups