Utility Features

ProMise – Utility Features

On top of the main ProMISe ERP modules i.e. Human Resource, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning, Finance Management, Contracts Management, CRM, Grants Management, Procurement and Workflow Management module, ProMISe also has utility features.

ProMISe UTILITIES Description;

  1. ProMISe Business Intelligence: ProMISe BI enables users to be in position to access and perform analytics and report from more than one platform.

  2. ProMISe GIS: ProMISe GIS, lets you visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry.

  3. Fleet Management; This feature enables effective fleet management and also aims at reducing and minimizing overall costs through maximum, cost effective utilization of resources such as vehicles, fuel, spare parts, etc. The administration and financial management of fleet is very organisational specific.

  4. Point of Sale; These include shopNet and PharmacyNet.
    ShopNet is a Point of Sale information system that can precisely and appropriately capture and manipulate all transactional data of a supermarket in relation to sales, purchases, reports, profits and liabilities. The system is capable of analyzing data and automatically produces reports from the major components of the supermarket which include; stores, stock, sale etc
    PharmacyNet; is a pharmaceutical software to handle
    most of the pharmacy transactions by automating all the processes.
    It generates timely and accurate reports which can be customized according to any pharmacy needs.

  5. ClinicNet; ClinicNet addresses the entire major functional areas of a medical institution. The system enables improved patient care, patient safety, and efficiency and reduced costs. It provides easy access to critical information, thereby enabling management to make better decisions on time. ClinicNet provides the benefits of streamlining operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability.

  6. Order Processing; With this ProMISe feature, one is able to capture order data from customer service employees or from customers directly, stores the data in a central database and sends order information to the accounting and shipping departments. It’s also provides tracking data on orders and inventory for every step of the way.